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Friendly reminder that the Jacobin Clubs would commonly establish a Committee of Benevolence 

And unlike the “Committee of Public Safety” it can’t be mocked with a misnomer because basically it went around and found people who needed help and helped them and rewarded people who helped others. Ooh, I saw that you took off your coat so an old lady could cross over a puddle! You’re a good Jacobin, here, have a pretty tricolor cockade. 

There was also the Committee of Conciliation, designed to find friends who were having fights and to try and make them be friends again. The most famous result of such committees was when a bishop named Lamourette went to one Club, which had been split in the middle between Constitutional Monarchists and Republicans, and had all the members hug each other. Friendship reigned and everyone lived happily ever after

except for Lamourette who was beheaded a few months later 

He wasn’t good at reconciling himself with the Committee of Public Safety, I guess?