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April 25 2013, 07:01 PM

I’m almost positive that this film is the chief source of information for the popular English documentaries on the Revolution. 

Check out this scene alone. Spoilers ahead, but it opens with Robespierre closing the door on a woman crying for her husband’s life, immediately followed by him bitching about Fouché sitting in his chair. They’re still buddy-buddy, however, despite how at this time Robespierre was kinda unapologetically trying to have Fouché executed for being a dickweed and Fouché was unapologetically organizing Thermidor and have Robespierre executed for being a dickweed right back. Anyway, they talk about making Robespierre dictator which is funny because he seems to have dictatorial power already so really, what’s the point? If Robespierre wants to be dictator that means that he isn’t dictator and you really should stop blaming him for everything. But whatever. 

Anyway, then Barras comes in to complain about the Reign of Terror which is hil-ar-i-ous if you know anything about Barras’ sanguinary activities at Toulon. Last dude you want to be your mouthpiece for “moderation”, whatever the history texts like to say about him. 



The film is The Black Book, 1949.

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    "I can’t decide whether to promote you or denounce you." "We didn’t storm the Bastille to make any man dictator!" …and...
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